New Residential Design

Design is an extremely important aspect when considering your building project.

New homes, home additions & alterations, dual occupancy & multi dwelling housing development all require a different line of thought and creativity when it comes to design.

At Nest Residential Design, we will really listen carefully to your needs to optimise a specific design to suit your budget, desires and requirements:

  • Building Budget - so the design is not out of reach
  • Creative spaces - type of spaces that are required
  • Layout - placement of rooms in relation to each other
  • Character of building - to suit your individual taste and surrounding area
  • Orientation - positioning the building design for passive solar orientation / any available views.

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Nest Residential offer drafting services for alterations & additions and home renovations.

Alterations & Additions

As time goes on, we all feel the urge to make improvements to what is probably our biggest lifetime investment - our own home.

At Nest Residential Design we are able to provide assistance in your renovation regardless of how large or small. With the expert knowledge of our team of qualified draftsman and building designers, we can offer suggestions and advice to best achieve the desired outcome.

We can even measure up your building and produce floorplans of what is existing.

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Dual Occupancy & Multi Dwelling Housing Development

Dual occupancy development and multi dwelling housing development has become an attractive alternative due to potential purchasers looking for:

  • Low maintenance buildings and yards
  • Alternative budgets due to increasing cost of stand alone homes

Constructing a secondary dwelling on an existing property can increase the value of the property and provide a source of rental income.

Multi dwelling housing developments require good design and planning to create maximum yield on the site yet provide good amenities, car parking and recreation for the occupants.

Browse our portfolio to see our latest building & drafting designs.

Nest Residential also provide assistance with building certification and recommending building consultants.

Certificates, Applications & Other Consultants

When building a new home, dual occupancy, multi dwelling or home addition it's important that the relevant requirements are met and the current application and consent is achieved.

Throughout the drafting process we can ensure legal requirements are met and all applicable documentation is prepared to avoid delays or unwelcome suprises in the building and approval process.

Other aspects of your projects that we can help with via our building industry affiliates:

  • Development Application (D.A)
  • Complying Development Certificate (C.D.C)
  • Construction Certificate (C.C)
  • Written Statement of Environmental Effects
  • Basix Assessment & Certificate
  • Nathers Assessment & Certificate
  • Supporting Letters / Variation Request
  • Bushfire Report / BAL Certificate
  • Engineering Details
  • Structural / Civil
  • Flood Compliance Reports
  • Land & Services Surveying
  • Town Planning
  • Subdivision Plans
  • Traffic Management Plan