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Design is an extremely important aspect when considering your building project.

New Homes, Dual Occupancy Development and Medium Density Development all require a different line of thought and creativity when it comes to design.

Interior DesignAt Nest Residential Design, we will really listen carefully to your needs to optimise a specific design to suit your budget, desires, requirements:

• Building Budget - so the design is not out of reach
• Creative spaces - type of spaces that are required
• Layout - placement of rooms in relation to each other
• Character of building - to suit your individual taste and
surrounding area

We will also incorporate design features to suit:

• Natural ground levels
• Solar orientation
• Sustainable environment
• Existing developments in vicinity
• Floor space ratios
• Carparking arrangements & vehicle maneuvering
• Local council development controls plans

We are commited to providing you with excellence in cost effective design to suit your needs.

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